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Oil & Gas RefineryCustody-Transfer Measurement

As a leader in the field of ultrasonic inline flowmeters, KROHNE is well-positioned to educate and inform end-users focused on custody-transfer measurement systems. KROHNE is an expert supplier of measurement systems for the oil and gas industry, and the content it provides in this portal will help you better understand the key considerations and requirements for custody-transfer measurement.

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Emissions Monitoring Applicaiton PortalEmissions Monitoring

Organizations from around the world have been regulating emissions from industrial, commercial, and private sources for some time now. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been regulating and enforcing mandates in the United States and its coastal areas for over 40 years. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) manage the same for resources on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), or off-shore. The overall goal of these regulations is to achieve cleaner air and water quality. Most emissions regulations pertain to the release of CO2e, methane, and other greenhouse gases or VOCs into the atmosphere. Thermal mass flow meters offer an efficient and effective solution for many emissions monitoring applications.

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Meter Verification & CalibrationMeter Verification & Calibration

Issues with your flow measurement devices and systems can quickly interrupt operations. As a critical component to any process, you need to be able to rely on the integrity of your flow assets to maximize output, minimize cost, and manage risk. Depending on your application and flow technology, verifying your meter is a standard practice required by governing agencies or the necessity of your process environment.

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Coriolis Flowmeter Portal Featured GraphicCoriolis Flow & Density Meters

The challenges to your business are becoming as complex as your industry processes. More and more, it all adds up to increased pressure for process accuracy, investing in products that return long-term value and engaging with a trusted partner. Driving excellence in your processes requires confidence in the measurements that you make – and, achieving your goal is often built on looking closely at the details.

Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density meters deliver the world’s best measurements for mass, volume and density measurement. Our products offer you unbeatable accuracy and reliability over an extremely wide range of fluid conditions – and continue to deliver that over years of intense use while being easy to install and operate.

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Electromagnetic Flowmeters

As the founder and world market leader in electromagnetic flowmeter technology, KROHNE has been impressing its customers with innovations for more than 45 years — innovations that continue to set the standard for the competition. The OPTIFLUX product line is an excellent example: a converter for all applications. The line includes a one-of-a-kind diagnostics package that can look into the process and an intuitive operating concept featuring a quick-start function for simple start-up.



Radar Level Measurement

Radar is unaffected by most environmental influences such as agitated vessels, vessels with foam, high dust, vacuum, and fluctuating temperatures. While ultrasonic measurement is suitable in applications where the atmosphere is regular, radar can measure level in these difficult applications. As well, ultrasonic technology can also have difficulty during filling conditions due to the increase of the noise level. This filling noise causes the return signal to appear weaker. In fact, in some cases the signal may not be strong enough to overcome the noise.



Sight Flow Indicators

Sight flow indicators are commonly used in liquid applications — such as water, wastewater, petroleum, lubricants, solvents, acids and fuels — and in sanitary applications such as food & beverage where crevice-free designs may be critical. They can be equipped with mechanisms for enhancing visual observation of flow — such as rotators for clear fluids like water, flappers for flow direction and intensity, and drip tubes for very low flows — or they can be plain-style with no indicator. Gaseous flappers can be ideal for low velocity gas streams. Teflon®-lined sight flows are used for corrosive environments and to safeguard against chemical reactions.



Thermal Mass Flowmeters

Facing increased regulatory, environmental, social and bottom line demands, today’s flow control professionals require strategic energy management solutions. The Magnetrol® Thermatel® thermal dispersion flow meters can help improve your measurement and control of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credits and co-generated (or harvested) energy, with significant benefits over more traditional flow meter technologies.



Turbine Flowmeters

Turbine flowmeters remain a viable and popular choice for steady, medium- to high-speed flows. They have become solidly entrenched in the water, gas, oil and industrial liquid flow measurement market and are widely used in flowmeter calibration and laboratories because of their high accuracy.



Custody-Transfer Measurement

Whether liquid or gaseous, aggressive or corrosive: KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters measure a wide range of media.

In 1997, KROHNE introduced the ALTOSONIC V, the first high precision, calibratable ultrasonic flowmeter for the petroleum industry. The ALTOSONIC V’s five measuring paths can perform extremely precise and reproducible measurements regardless of the viscosity of the medium – a real quantum leap.

As the world’s leader in the field of ultrasonic inline flowmeters, our devices are at home in a wide range of industries. Whether it’s measuring cooling water and demineralized water in power plants, controlling dosing and mixing processes in the chemical industry, or measuring liquid hydrocarbons in the oil and gas industry, you can put your absolute trust in KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters in any situation.