Thermal Mass Flow Measurement for Strategic Energy Management

Facing increased regulatory, environmental, social and bottom line demands, today’s flow control professionals require strategic energy management solutions.

The Magnetrol® Thermatel® thermal dispersion flow meters can help improve your measurement and control of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credits and co-generated (or harvested) energy, with significant benefits over more traditional flow meter technologies.

The THERMATEL product line has been improving process performance and energy efficiency around the world for more than 20 years.

Use this thermal mass flow measurement technology portal to learn how THERMATEL can provide solutions to your flow measurement and control needs:

• Natural gas and renewable fuel measurement

• Aeration flow in wastewater treatment plants and mining

• Compressed air or combustion air flows

• Measure and report flare gas emissions

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FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Case Study: Thermal Dispersion Flowmeter Technology Helps Utility Meet Federal Environmental and Health Regulations

Case Study On Thermal Dispersion Flowmeter Technology

THERMATEL TA2 thermal mass flow meters are up to the challenge of your most demanding applications. TA2 thermal mass flow meters will help optimize your green energy initiatives by improving measurement of greenhouse gases and making processes less energy intensive and more energy efficient.


FEATURED PRODUCT: Thermatel Model TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Thermatel TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

THERMATEL Model TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter provides reliable mass measurement for air and gas flow applications. The powerful, yet easy to use, electronics are contained in a compact explosion proof enclosure. The TA2 is available with both insertion probes as well as flow body design for smaller pipe sizes. The TA2 offers excellent performance at an exceptional value.



Magnetrol Model TA2 FlowBody

Landfills produce a gas mixture composed primarily of methane and carbon dioxide. The EPA has specified the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent necessary for reporting greenhouse gas emissions and thousands of landfills fall under this rule. Landfills are also now incorporating programs to capture the LFG and use it as a fuel in electricity generation. It can also be monitored to obtain carbon credits. The gas can be moist and characterized by low flow rates. The MAGNETROL TA2 thermal mass flow meters are a good fit for such applications because:

• Excellent low flow sensitivity

• “Hot tap” assemblies available

• Mixed gas calibrations